Electric Cars are the future of our transportation systems. They offer the great opportunity to change what kind of energy we consume. The combustion engine brought us where we are. Now is the time to decide where we want to be.
This new kind of private transport does allow for a more sustainable and green future. But it cannot be unreeled overnight. Like almost anything in our more and more complex world, electric cars depend on an infrastructure. The good news: everything is there, from the grid and the cars to the streets. Where I come into play is connecting those and make things easy and working.
I am an electrical engineer with a strong passion for electric cars and computer systems. I’m proud to be part of it.


Stuff I do

I feel quite comfortable between charge point operation backends, EV service providers, roaming platforms, protocols, mobile apps and customer solutions.

  • Roaming

  • System

  • Protocol

  • EV Market

Examples for projects I am working on are OCHP or OCPI